TThe Action Of Viagra. If we consider the chemical composition of both, you find that actually it's not a duplicate: "medical -" General and related impurities are different. The impurities in the healing process have no effect.
Upon expiration of the patent protecting firm-the original sells of other manufacturers only prefabricated their brand. But the secrets of their manufacture, it does not open. While manufacturers suffer, bringing prefabricated to mind, sold in pharmacies only original medication. Once the producers were able to create analogues on pharmacy shelves appear generics.

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Generic drugs have each medicine?
Yes. The exception of unique drugs for the treatment of cancer and AIDS, which has a value of any ingredient.
Medicinal mimicry


by Pharmacy

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To develop a new original drug firms spend about 10-15 years, and research activities comes from many directions. Unfortunately, up to 90% of the projects — potential new products — in the end, ineffective and on the market is not go, therefore, millions of dollars fly away in vain. These costs have to recoup by increasing the sales price of a single drug, proved successful.

Companies manufacturing generics, side expenses do not carry, their task — to repeat what is developed to them. Hence more affordable for the consumer cost.
Generics are duplicates of the original?

Generics are the same as the original?
Yes, generics have the same medicinal properties as they contain the same active ingredients as the original. There is a downside: side effects of generics and original match, too.
The originals are made on more modern equipment?

No. Generic as the original, is a permitted drug, which is made all the technological and hygienic standards. The production of generic drugs is actively engaged in all countries, including Russia, India and Europe.
What explains the lower price of generic?